Scotia Plaza is focused on providing support and guidance for our office and industrial tenants, as we prepare to welcome you back to our premises.
In preparation for your return to the workplace, our property management and operations teams are following an action plan that draws on industry best practices and adheres to the advice of provincial governments and health authorities to place the health and safety of our tenants first.
Please bookmark this site and visit frequently for the latest information and resources to help you prepare for your return to the workplace.


Upon arrival to the property, employees and visitors can expect the following:
• Designated entrances to the building, as well as designated exits from the building. This ensures we avoid “pinch points” (to allow for physical distancing).
• Reduced touch points with doors propped open (where practical and permitted by code).
• No more than 3 or 4 persons will be permitted to use the elevator at a time (dependent on elevator size). All elevator passengers are required to wear a mask.
• Masks are required in washrooms.
• All employees and visitors are encouraged to wear a mask while passing through common areas (lobbies, warehouses and stairwells).
• Physical and clear barriers will be installed at security and concierge desks (where we cannot maintain the recommended 2 metre distance).
• Reduced and rearranged lobby furniture is to be expected, to encourage physical distancing (where applicable).
• Hand sanitizing stations will be located at all entrances as well, as all ground floor elevator common areas.
•  Additional waste receptacles will be designated for discarded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
• Signage, floor markings, barriers (to create one-way lanes), queues, and zones will be in all common areas to promote physical distancing.


Since the initial announcement of COVID-19, we’ve made significant changes to the cleaning and maintenance of our buildings:
•  Enhanced sanitization and disinfection of high ‘touch points’ i.e. entrance and exit door handles, reception areas, washroom door handles and fixtures, etc.
• Sanitization of all areas where COVID-19 cases have been assumed and/or confirmed (based on advisory).
•  Increased outdoor air and ventilation rates for heating and ventilation systems (where possible) or the opening of loading dock overhead doors if weather permits.
•  Cleaning and/or replacement of heating and ventilation air filters. A 24-hr air flush of the heating and ventilation system should be scheduled (once return-to-workplace is permitted by the provincial government).
•  All potable water systems will be flushed.
•  We anticipate the use of health declarations and temperature checks for all on-site Scotia Plaza security and janitorial personal, who may need access to your space for maintenance or service.
• Facilities, tenant conference centres and other building amenities will remain closed until further notice from the public health authorities.
•  The property management office remains operational and continues to available to recieve couriers, calls and mail.


Evacuation procedures (as outlined in your fire safety manual) will remain unchanged; however, we ask that you review your assigned muster station and take into consideration how physical distancing will be maintained, in the event of an evacuation.


It’s imperative that you maintain regular contact with your property management team. We strongly encourage that you contact your property manager, with any concerns and questions that you may have.
Please know that our onsite property managers and administrators have access to mobile phones and video conferencing accounts.
This is to ensure that they can communicate with our head offices. Our offices are closed, but our team is still very much active. The building operations team also remains available and can assist with any essential service requests that might be needed during this time. Please continue to contact us through our Service requests hotline click here.
Please note that any noncritical maintenance requests will be completed outside of normal business hours, in order to promote physical distancing.


The following guidance is drawn from information provided by industry best practices. These tips can be used for your consideration and aid in your return to workplace planning.
Please consider:
• A gradual return to workplace schedule that begins with essential personnel first (those who are unable to effectively work from home).
• Some thought around your employee’s hours of work (equally stagger start times e.g 7am, 7:30am, 8am, 8:30am, etc). **This will help avoid excessive wait times for the elevators, as elevator systems will be operating at reduced capacities - with likely a maximum of 3 or 4 persons permitted in an elevator at a time. **
•  Please expect long line-ups for elevators until all building occupants have adapted to this new vertical access protocol**
•  Providing your employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
•  Implementing a stay home when sick policy. You are encouraged to health screen your employees. **Please note: Scotia Plaza will not be implementing a mandatory or voluntary thermal scanning of visitors to the building, unless directed by Provincial or Federal health organizations
•  Having a ‘clean desk policy’ to allow for greater cleaning and sanitization of workstation surfaces.
•  Designating a single entrance and exit (while not prohibiting code egress) to your premises, in order to promote physical distancing, as they come and go from the office.
•  Removing (at least) every second chair from your boardrooms and limit the number of people in each meeting to 6 people – again, we ask that you follow your local health guidance, since the number of persons varies by Province and city.
•  Eliminating/reducing shared occupancy of workstations and if this is not possible, try to reduce the frequency of these areas to be used only once a week.
•  Providing your employees with disinfectant wipes and give each employee their own phone headset, keyboard and mouse.
•  Reducing your office density by occupying every second workstation and by installing physical barriers between workstations, where employees are in close proximity or are facing each other.
•  Identifying when shared spaces (e.g., boardrooms, kitchens) will open and available for employee use.
•  Adjusting security and sign-in practices to minimize contact (e.g., no shared pens)
•  Increasing outdoor air and ventilation rates for heating and ventilation systems (where possible) or consider opening loading dock overhead doors - if weather permits.
Please notify us of your plans for deliveries (that are larger than a small parcel), so we can coordinate deliveries in the building. This includes food and catering deliveries.
In closing, please remember to:
•  Follow your local heath guidelines
• Continue physical distancing (2 metres between people)
•  Wear Personal Protective Equipment Masks (PPE), gloves, glasses when physical distancing is not possible
Regularly practice general hygiene etiquette, by:
•  Washing your hands regularly
•  Refraining from touching your face Staying home when sick
•  Safely disposing of tissues and used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in designated waste receptacles


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Building Re-Entry Guidance Document
Toronto Financial District Business Improvement Area
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America Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

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Current Trends

With typical full floors ranging from 22,700 to 22,850 square feet, Scotia Plaza�s unique and modern floor plates can be utilized and designed to accommodate the office space requirements of today�s business.
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Office sizing is efficient and flexible, allowing for easy reconfiguration of work groups for ever-changing business needs. Floor plates were planned to create a statement of distinction, with careful attention given to the design of private offices, workspaces and meeting rooms.
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Mixed Use

With a mixture of private offices, open and flexible work stations, meeting rooms and common areas, the Mixed Use layout provides the ability to create the perfect balance between a modern, open floor plate and a traditional office layout.

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